Best iOS Apps Everyone Should be Using

Apple’s iPhones impress people with their camera advancements and powerful processors. It is more than just hardware that defines Apple’s smartphones. The software you install also plays a vital role in its functioning. It is easy to find a list of great apps to load into your iPad and iPhone specially the crowd’s favorite such as Instagram, Facebook or Spotify. Certain apps haven’t got widespread recognition.  These are the hidden gems- apps that don’t always get so much of attention or headlines but are great for delivering utility has exciting new features and amazing experiences. Every iPhone holder must give these overlooked iOS apps a try. Some of them are below;


  • iTranslate Converse

Apple Design Award winner, the above app is a more quick version of iTranslate’s mobile app. The focus is on two-way voice translation for different 38 languages. Just speak directly into the phone’s mic, and the app will quickly translate your speech into the selected language. It is also ready to listen for an answer and turn it into the first language. Its chief virtue is its simple interface and ease of use.

  • Agenda

It has been featured in the 2018 Apple Design awards; It is a note-taking app that stands out on iOS and Mac devices. This app takes a data-oriented approach to organize, attach timestamps to your notes to keep a record of your progress and evolution of projects. Letters can be arranged by category and project. You can sync the notes on iCloud. The app is free.

  • Tunity (Free)

Can’t hear the TV at the noisy sports bar? Maybe you want to listen without disturbing anyone else. It is a neat app that lets you stream live TV audio straight to the headphones. Just bring up your iPhone to scan the TV, and Tunity will stream audio through phone directly to your headphones.

  • Focos

iPhone7 plus, iPhone8 plus and iPhone X lets you take beautiful photos, Consider ‘Focos’ to have more customizable effects, It also has the ability to refocus images. It enables you to adjust Bokeh effects with variant shapes, diaphragm settings and adjustable aperture with some depth filters. You also can tweak your existing Portrait Mode. It is going to be an excellent addition to the mobile photography bag of tricks.

  • Enlight Photofox

It is the latest edition of the award-winning app, that will allow the users to create double exposures and other manipulated effects. It offers a variety of tools to affect the color and tone, with filters, layers, and masks, making it easier to stitch the photos together. The app also offers some effects free with some with a subscription.

  • Deliveries

It is one of the best all in one package tracking app which is available online. It supports a variety of services USPS, UPS, FedEx, and the DHL. A simple system will allow you to enter information through the tracking numbers or through the iCloud syncing that pulls delivery information from your receipts and emails to automatically populate your incoming deliveries list. You can view a quick timeline summary of delivered packages and ETAs; you even can find the location of your bags on the map. A today widget keeps you informed of the incoming packages and will notify you of the package arrivals.


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